Subspace/Continuum Population Statistics
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Directory Servers

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Total population per directory server
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Number of zones


This list shows the directory servers that are online and returning results (including directory servers that have gone offline since).
Click on a directory server to see the complete list of zones that it is or was serving.

  Address Total population Amount of zones Time since last (successful) update Uptime availability
Offlinedirectory.poid.be1892821 minute(s) and 41 second(s) ago13%
Onlinesscentral.sscuservers.net175151 minute(s) and 44 second(s) ago98%
Onlinesscentral.trenchwars.org189231 minute(s) and 44 second(s) ago87%
Onlinesubspace.gamespec.org175151 minute(s) and 43 second(s) ago67%